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1. Does it cost to apply?
2. What happens if I lose the pass before my renewal date?
3. Does this pass cover everyone in my household?
4. Does this Pass offer discounts on roofed accommodations orvacation houses, retreat centers, group camps or picnic shelters?
5. Does it cover extra vehicle fee or overnight parking?
6. Does the pass cover National Forests or National Parks in Washington state?
7. Can I apply for more than one pass if I qualify, such as Disability and Senior Limited Income passes?
8. Will I need to always have the pass on me when I am in the park using the discount?
9. What if I do not have a reservation (first come, first serve) or I just want to use it for the day?
10. Is the Senior Limited Income Pass renewable?
11. How do I use my discount pass for day-use parking at a State Park?