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1. What is the legal age requirement to operate a vessel?
2. When is it legal to operate a personal watercraft?
3. Am I required to wear my life jacket when boating?
4. What is the age requirement for kids to wear life jackets when boating?
5. As a boat operator, how many life jackets am I required to have while recreationally boating with passengers, and what types?
6. What type of equipment is required to legally operate my boat?
7. What boats are required to be registered and where do I register one?
8. If I'm involved in a boating accident, when is it necessary to report it and to whom?
9. I'm not a Washington state resident, but I will be visiting for about two months. Am I required to register my boat?
10. Do I need to register my inflatable raft?
11. Who do I contact if I have specific questions about boating rules and regulations?
12. What types of boating safety materials do you have in other languages?
13. Who do I contact to request boating safety materials, such as the "Adventures in Boating Washington Handbook" and "Adventures in Boating - A Course in Responsible Boating"?