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Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail use permit

  1. Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

  2. Permit Application (must be completed 15 days in advance)

  3. Traveling by (select one)

  4. Permit application notes

    • Washington State Parks may require a certificate or other proof of liability insurance coverage before approving this permit.
    • Use is restricted to a line 20 feet either side of the center line running surface or a fence line, whichever comes first.
    • Leave all gates as found. A key and/or combination may be issued for gates.
    • Permits will be revoked for any violation.

  5. Agreement

    I will read and follow the rules and regulations for use of the Milwaukee Road Corridor on this permit and any other attachments designated by Washington State Parks.

    Permittee assumes the risk of all natural and artificial conditions on this undeveloped corridor. Permittee also agrees to defend and indemnify the state and its lessees and be liable for all claims, costs or damages arising out of permitee's use of the corridor.

  6. For Official Use Only

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