Pumpout Grant Program

Clean Vessel Act of 1992 Pumpout Grant Program

In 1992, Congress passed the Clean Vessel Act to help reduce pollution from vessel sewage discharges into U.S. waters. The grant program established by the Act funds the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of pumpouts and dump stations for use by recreational boaters. As part of its commitment to provide clean, safe and enjoyable recreational boating in Washington, the State Parks Boating Clean Vessel Program serves as the grant manager for Washington. The program also provides educational outreach to promote public awareness about detrimental effects of improper boat sewage disposal.

Who is Eligible

The Clean Vessel Act grant funds are available to public, private sector, and tribal boating facility operators. This includes governmental entities and private businesses operating public boating facilities in Washington state. In order to qualify for a grant the pumpout must be available to recreational boaters during the facilities normal business hours and of a boat size that marina normally serves.

What Does the Grant Cover

The grant will reimburse recipients for up to 75% of the installed cost of pumpouts and dump stations. This includes the cost of new equipment, renovation of existing equipment, pumps, piping, lift stations, on-site holding tanks, pier or dock modifications, signs, permits and other miscellaneous equipment needed for a complete and efficient disposal system. The grant will not pay for the construction or renovation of upland restroom facilities, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, leach fields, private and municipal treatment plants or other special treatment devices. The grant also will reimburse 75% of the facilities allowable annual operation and maintenance expenses. Floating restrooms are eligible for funding but may not be attached to shore or to any structure that is attached to shore.

What is the Cost to Grant Recipients

Grant recipients are responsible for 25% of the installed cost of pumpout and dump station facilities provided for under the grant program. This 25% match can be the fair market value of any labor or materials provided, cash, or a combination thereof but may not be from another federal source. Grant money cannot be used to pay for costs of pumpout stations installed before a grant agreement is signed by State Parks.

Grant Recipient Responsibilities

  • All recreational vessels must have access to the pumpouts and dump stations funded under this grant program. The grant recipients must guarantee facilities will be operated, maintained and accessible to all recreation vessels for the full period of their useful life, or 10 years whichever is longer.
  • A sign depicting the national pumpout symbol must be installed and clearly visible to boaters.
  • An informational sign must be installed at pumpout and dump stations. The sign information should specify fees, restrictions, hours of operation, operating instructions and a contact name and telephone number to call if the facility is inoperable.
  • The sign also must acknowledge that the facility was constructed or improved with funds from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, through the Washington State Parks Clean Vessel Program.

Charging for Facility Usage

While the state encourages the free use of facilities constructed under this program, a maximum user fee of $5 may be charged. However, during the grant application evaluation process, a higher priority may be given to applicants who propose free use or a lower-than-maximum user fee. If you chose to charge for use of the pumpout you must track the funds received and reduce your annual operation and maintenance reimbursement request by that amount prior to requesting reimbursement.

For more information 

Contact the Clean Vessel Act Program manager at boatpumpouts@parks.wa.gov, (360) 902-8659 or

Washington State Parks
Clean Vessel Act Program
P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, WA 98504-2650