Jones Island Marine State Park

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When you dock at Jones Island, your welcoming committee wagon may include otters and deer.

Among the most enchanting of the San Juan Islands, Jones Island Marine State Park is the place to let your heart and feet wander. Your wheels can wander too, as the paved trail through the park's interior meets ADA standards.

Stroll down that trail, through a forest of moss-covered nurse logs and trees, to a lawn with a small apple and pear orchard. Rest there, grill up a picnic in the shelter and take a short stroll to an untamed beach. Deer may approach in search of a fruit handout. Please don't be swayed by their big brown eyes. Feeding wildlife does not benefit them and is discouraged.

Enjoy a hike on the island's perimeter. Check out cliff-side campsites (first come, first served) and picnic tables with million-dollar views of Spieden Island. Pitch a tent and settle in, or keep exploring. Look for elusive cacti, or check out a book from the informal "Jones Island Public Library," that's located in one of the restrooms.

Whether you stay for one day or three, you'll be enthralled by the park's diversity. You will leave Jones Island with the recognition that you just had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you'll long to return.

Park features
Accessible only by boat, Jones Island Marine State park is a 188-acre marine camping park with 25,000 feet of saltwater shoreline on the San Juan channel. The park provides mooring buoys on two coves, a dock, an ADA trail, a Cascadia Marine Trail (PDF) campsite and 24 primitive campsites.

Drinking water is available May through September. There is no garbage service to the park. Visitors must pack out what they pack in.

Visitors often feed the deer resulting in their becoming dependent on handouts of unnatural foods and potentially dangerous interactions between wild animals and humans. Feeding wildlife is prohibited by law in state parks. Violators may be fined and evicted.

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Picnic & day-use facilities

Drinking water is available May through September. The park has two pit toilets and four composting toilets. There is no garbage service to the park. Visitors must pack out what they pack in.



  • 4 miles of hiking trails

Water activities & features

  • 128 feet of dock