Cutts Island State Park

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Cutts Island Marine State Park is proof that good things come in small packages. One-half mile from Kopachuck State Park, this intriguing little island offers the perfect day at the beach. 

This park can only be reached by water, so canoeists, kayakers and stand up paddlers mingle on the sandy beach with boaters, divers and seals (the latter of which should be given a very wide berth). 

After your paddle, scuba dive or nap on the beach, head back to the mainland for a picnic dinner at forested Kopachuck State Park. Tie your boat to a mooring buoy and fall asleep to the sound of gentle waves and the occasional bark of a seal.

Park features
Cutts Island is a 351-acre marine park on Carr Inlet. Though camping is not permitted on the island, mooring buoys are available for boats. The island is covered with vegetation, including poison oak. During seal pup season, pups will rest on the beach during low tide. Federal law prohibits touching, feeding and disturbing marine mammals, so visitors, including dogs, are required to stay at least 100 yards from seals and their pups.

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Picnic & day-use facilities

This marine park does not have potable water, garbage or sanitation service. Visitors must pack out what they pack in, including human waste.

Boaters in vessels with no toilet facilities are encouraged to use a human waste removal system such as a WAG bag or RESTOP which contains and treats the waste and can be deposited in the trash when returning home. These bag systems are available for purchase from a variety of outdoor vendors and be used alone or with a simple bucket toilet (a 5 gallon bucket with a snap on seat).

Overnight camping and campfires are prohibited on the Island.


Water activities & features

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