Inland Northeast / Southeast

Ione to Metaline Hatley Gulch Eckler Mountain Touchet Corral Albian Hill Flodelle / Tacoma Creek Flowery Trail Kings Lake Mill Creek Ninebark North Fork Chewelah Creek Old Dominion Paupac / Le Clerc Cloverland Rose Springs Mount Spokane Snowmobile Sno-Parks in the Inland Northeast / Southeast Area
  1. Mill Creek
  2. Floodelle/Tacoma Creek
  3. Old Dominion
  4. North Fork Chewelah Creek
  5. Flowery Trail
  6. Nine Bark
  7. Paupac
  8. Kings Lake
  9. Albian Hill
  10. Mt. Spokane
  11. Hatley Gulch
  12. Eckler Mountain
  13. Rose Springs
  14. Clover Land
  15. Touchet Corral

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Mill Creek (PDF)

Colville National Forest
Phone: 509-684-7000

Emergency Contact Info:
Pend Oreille Sheriff's Office
Phone: 509-447-3151

Stevens County Sheriff's Office

Snowmobile Sno-ParkSnowmobile Sno-Park

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Directions: 19 mi east of Colville via Hwy 20 at County Road 4954
Elevation: 3,200 feet
One of three Sno-Parks in the Gillette Recreation Area. Also includes Old Dominion and Flodelle/Tacoma Creek sno-parks.
50 spaces (3 Sno-Parks) spaces.

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Trails: 1.) 550 / 7018 / 7015 / Blacktail Butte
Trail system 138 miles
Sanitary facilities, food at nearby establishment

Sno-Park Permit required November thru April or as posted.

Please obey posted signs indicating whether a permit is needed. Contact the local agency listed for each Sno-Park for more information.

Special Events: Sno-Park is open to all visitors during special events. Arrive early to secure a parking space. When parking lot is full, please proceed to the next Sno-Park.

Please note:
After periods of extreme weather, work crews may be on trails during the day to clear debris or drifts. Please exercise caution.

2018-2019 SEASON 

2018-2019 Grooming Calendar

3/20/2019: All of radar dome trails today

Weekly Schedule:

Colville / Chewelah

Tuesday 3/12 sk3 towards hanks butte 

                       Sk2 granite / Tacoma creek

Wednesday 3/13 sk3 finish hanks butte

                              Sk2 granite / calispell peak

Thursday 3/14.  Sk3 radar dome

                           Sk2 beaver lodge to flodelle to warming hut to 10 mile loop to 3 mile loop and      return

Friday 3/15 sk3 no grooming

                     Sk2 granite/ calispell peak

Monday 3/18 sk3 hanks butte 

                        Sk2 granite / calispell peak 

Tuesday 3/19 sk3 radar dome

                         Sk2 flodelle to warming hut / sand canyon

3/11/19: Sand canyon run with granite and sherry creek with 410 loop.

2/5/19: Groomer broke down will update when running.

1/16 Granite (colville) sand canyon (Chewelah)

1/17 follow scheduled route.

1/18 will not follow schedule instead will groom poker run. Mill creek to black lake to twin lake to radar dome to flodelle to sherry creek to beaver lodge. 

1/19 no grooming because of poker run. 

Monday will be back to schedule!

1/12/19: Grooming delayed due to groomer breakdown

1/5/19 beaver lodge to mill creek C4954 to Thomas Mountain trail 550 to ORV trail to C4699 to 7018 to black tail butte to 125 to 7015 to 7018 to C4699 to 550 to C4954 to base

1/6/19 beaver lodge to mill creek to sunshine sr20 north side to radar dome to both loops on radar do to Flodelle to 10 mile loop to sherry creek C2389 to mill creek to base.


After fixing the cat the operator decided to groom the rest of sherry creek and the 3 mile loop on his way back to beaver lodge

12/28/18 (Colville)

Mill creek toward old dominion as far as possible until we reach the plowed area due to logging. And return same route 

12/29/18 (Colville)

Mill creek to Thomas Mtn trail to orv trail toward black tail butte and return on same route

12/30/18 (Colville)

Mill creek to Thomas Mtn to ORV to frost mill to hanks butte to tiger meadows to muddy creek to orv to Thomas Mtn to mill creek to beaver lodge

12/26/18 Groomed beaver lodge to granite to warming hut ( Colville) warming hut to north fork of Tacoma creek to middle and south forks of Tacoma creek to warming hut from the south fork of Tacoma creek ( Chewelah) warming hut to flodelle to sherry creek to beaver lodge ( Colville) today

12/21/18: Beaver lodge to sunshine to flodelle to warming hut to south fork of Tacoma creek intersection (Colville) to sand canyon to Phillips lake campground turn around and return on same route

12/20/18: Beaverlodge to sunshine to radar Dome 

Groomer: Selkirk Grooming, LLC

Grooming reports are updated when trail grooming information is provided. Reports are posted at Monday thru Saturday. No updates on Sundays or holidays.