Washington State Parks offers discounts and passes to the following people. Passes are non-transferable, and pass holders must be Washington state residents and occupy the site for the entire length of the reservation.

  • Disabled veterans pass holders receive free camping and moorage. They do not pay any fees to make, change or cancel reservations.
  • Qualified foster parents receive free camping. They must pay the fee to make a reservation but do not pay fees to change or cancel reservations.
  • Disabled pass holders receive a 50% discount on camping and moorage fees. They pay full reservation and change / cancel fees.
  • Limited-income pass holders receive a 50% discount on camping and moorage fees and a 50% discount on the cost of the off-season senior citizen pass. They pay full reservation and change / cancel fees.
  • Senior Citizens can purchase the Off-season senior citizen pass for $75. This pass entitles pass holders to free camping and moorage between Oct. 1 and March 31, as well as Sundays through Thursdays in April. Pass holders pay full reservation and change / cancel fees and a $10 per night fee for utility sites.

Verification of eligibility

All pass holders must present valid photo identification (e.g., Washington driver's license) and their discount pass or foster home license to park staff for verification of discount eligibility when they check in and register for their stay at the park.

Other information

  • Pass discounts only apply to individual campsites.
  • Passes are not valid for yurts, cabins, vacation houses, or other shelters providing overnight accommodations, group camps (except for immediate camping party), or day-use facilities.
  • Pass discounts are not valid for the extra vehicle fee.
  • Federal passes and passes from other states are not valid at Washington state parks.

For more information about discounts and passes available to Washington residents, visit our passes page or call the Information Center at (360) 902-8844 to request the Washington State Parks discount pass information sheet and application form.