Non-Motorized Sno-Park Permits

Cross-country skier on John Wayne Pioneer Trail. Snow covered trees and mountains surround skier. To park in a non-motorized sports Sno-Park, it is necessary to purchase one (and sometimes two) type(s) of parking permits for your vehicle: a one-day permit or seasonal permit and possibly a special groomed trails permit. All vehicles must have a Washington State Sno-Park permit.

Washington Sno-Park permits are no longer accepted in California, Oregon, and Idaho. To find out about Oregon Snow Park sites, contact the Oregon Department of Transportation at (503) 986-3006. For information on Idaho Park-n-Ski lots, call Idaho Parks and Recreation at (208) 334-4199.

Types of permits

There are three types of permits: one-day, seasonal, and special groomed trails permits. Sno-Park permits may be purchased online between November 1 and April 30.

One-day permit

A one-day permit is honored until midnight of the date written on the permit for parking at all Sno-Parks, including thSeasonal Sno Park Permit  Opens in new windowe designated special groomed trails permit areas.

Seasonal permit

A seasonal permit is non-transferable between vehicles. Purchasing a one-day permit for a second vehicle is an option. Some Sno-Parks require only a seasonal permit for season parking. Others require both the seasonal permit and the special groomed trail permit in order to use the designated Sno-Park.

Special-Groomed Trail Permit

This permit, in conjunction with the seasonal permit, is required at eight sno-parks: Cabin Creek, Chiwawa, Crystal Springs, Hyak, Lake Easton, Lake Wenatchee, Mount Spokane, and Nason Ridge. Snowmobile seasonal permit holders must purchase this permit when using these Sno-Parks for non-motorized activities. Funds from its sale pay for more frequent trail grooming at these Sno-Parks and the maintenance and replacement of snow grooming equipment owSpecial Groomed Trails Permit  Opens in new windowned by Washington State Parks.

Note: All permits must be affixed to the lower left corner of the windshield (driver's side) when the vehicle is parked in a designated Sno-Park area. If a valid permit is not properly displayed, you will be subject to a fine. Permits are required when designated Sno-Park signs are posted. These signs are raised and removed at different times at the start and finish of the winter season. Please obey posted signs to avoid a citation.

Permit purchasing

Sno-Park permits are available beginning November 1 through April 30 either online or by purchasing it from one of many permit vendors, including various retail locations; Washington State Parks region offices; Lake Easton, Lake Wenatchee, Mount Spokane, and Fields Spring state parks; Washington State Parks headquarters (1111 Israel Road SW, Olympia, WA 98504); or area U.S. Forest Services offices (PDF).

A $3 handling fee is charged when Sno-Park permits are purchased from retail locations. The fees for Sno-Park permits are as follows.

Permit Type
Purchased from State Parks
Purchased from Retail Vendor
Purchased Online
One-Day $25 $28 $25
Seasonal $50 $53 $50
Special-Groomed Trail
$70 $73 $70

For information on how to become a permit vendor, contact the Winter Recreation Program at 360-902-8684 or via email to the program.


Non-motorized Sno-Park revenue chart

Proceeds from permit sales are used exclusively to maintain and improve non-motorized Sno-Park facilities. The permits pay for snow removal, sanitary facilities, trail grooming, trail signs, mapping, parking lot construction, education, enforcement, equipment, and Sno-Park program administration.

As seen in the chart, revenue for non-motorized Sno-Parks is spent as follows: 32% for trail grooming, 27% for snow removal and sanitation, 20% for administration, 11% for education and enforcement, and 10% for equipment reserve.