Repairs made to Centennial Trail with a short weather window

Last fall Washington State Parks, with funds from Capital Projects and FEMA, restored portions of the 40-mile Spokane River Centennial Trail State Park.

In February, 2017, severe winter storms pummeled eastern Washington. They damaged several parts of the region, including Riverside State Park and the Centennial Trail near Barker Road. The area was declared a federal disaster zone that spring. 

FEMA and park staff went into the field together that summer to identify damaged areas and determine federal funding levels for the repairs. 

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While Parks Operations repaired several spots at Riverside, the Centennial Trail restoration was designated a Capital project. The design, contract plans and permitting process was completed within a year, and Parks awarded the contract Abriss Corporation of Battle Ground.

With winter of 2018 approaching and pavement plants closing for winter, the park faced a short work window. Diligence and dedication enabled Capital staff and Abriss to reconstruct the eroded side slopes and restore the trail surface within weeks, by mid-November, 2018, making the trail once again usable from Nine Mile Recreation Area to the Idaho border. 

The project cost $95,400 and was completed in half the allotted time.