Beacon Rock Entrance Road Realignment

Map showing Entrance Road Relocation Area Potential Effects

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is undergoing a planning process to renovate the main park entrance at Beacon Rock State Park. The project primarily addresses traffic and visitor safety where State Route 14 (SR 14) intersects the entrance to Beacon Rock. The purpose of the project is to design safer parking, realign or relocate the vehicle entrance, and analyze how to best separate pedestrians from vehicles. The current road alignment and campground entrance road was designed in the 1930s and requires improvements with an increase in park visitation, volume and speed of vehicles along this segment of SR 14, and to address pedestrian/vehicle conflicts.

Summary of Project Description

The conceptual design includes the following key elements:

  • Improvements to the existing vehicle entrance to the campground.
  • A roundabout at Kueffler Road.
  • Locating a new parking lot away from SR 14.
  • New welcome center building at the entrance parking lot.
  • Safe pedestrian crossing, either on grade with SR 14 or as a pedestrian tunnel near the roundabout.
  • Land acquisition adjacent to SR 14.
  • Compliance with the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Management Plan

Public Outreach

Staff at Washington State Parks wishes to thank those citizens who participated in the discussion held at Hegewald Auditorium on September 18th. If you missed the meeting and would like to learn more, the PowerPoint showing the preferred alternative is attached below. Please email your comments to us. We would like to hear from you.

Next steps

The first phase of improving safety along SR 14 involves submitting a predesign report this fall to the Office of Financial Management (OFM). OFM will determine if the project proposal meets key criteria and if it should be included in a capital budget request to the Washington State Legislature for the 2021-23 budget cycle.

If the proposal is included in the capital budget request, the next steps are to apply for legislative funding for design and permitting, followed by funding for construction. These steps may be accomplished in phases. The entire funding process, from concept to construction, would occur over several state budget cycles.


For questions contact:

Michael Hankinson, Parks Planner
(360) 725-9756
PO Box 42650
Olympia WA 98504-2650